Chronicles of the West / OHM Berlin


Thursday night at OHM Berlin with:

Sote (live)
Chronicles of the West (live) [Damcase & Charlton]
Positive Centre

Samsara sessions



Sada Abe / Cassete / Dehef 07

Damcase - Sada Abe.jpg

A full-length album by this Greek producer living in Rotterdam. Damcase turned heads with his releases on Mord and Bunker in 2016 and continues his hot streak with a cassette release on Dehef. Sada Abe showcases his different strength’s, ranging from minimalist industrial techno to mysterious soundscapes and noisy electronics. Recommended to anyone who likes their techno raw and modus operandi experimental.

Clone NL 

Bunker Records 25 Years / Pip Den Haag



Saturday 25 November / Bunker Records 25 Years / PIP Den Haag / Bunker Den Haag

Dutch outlet Bunker celebrates 25 (25!) years of existence with a party on home turf. Shit’s gonna get gnarly.


Luke Eargoggle
DJ Overdose
Dj Technician
Syncom Data (live)
Inga Mauer
The Exaltics (live)
Cultuurschok Live
Ian Martin
Legowelt and Orgue Electronique as Chicago Shags

Gent / Belgium / November 10


In the late 80’s and early 90’s, a global revolution of a new underground music scene that focused on the raving experience appeared.

With some of the most influential electronic labels, artists and clubs of that time Belgium was at the front of this era that created a platform for a new, exciting movement worldwide.

These last years we have been inspired by the return of this unrefined, straight forward and no-bullshit approach on techno music.

Because of the hard work and dedication due to some local underground crews with the right state of mind pushing this music, a proper scene in Belgium has lifted from the bottom of the underground.

It’s time to combine forces and take back our position in rave culture.
And we know how it’s done, since we were among the first to do so…

AnD live
Ansome live
Bas Mooy
CJ Bolland
Damcase live
Nick Bollaert
Pinnacle Soundsystem
The Mover live

First wave of tickets on the 19th of September at 18h00.

Stray Landings \ Π3.5 Premiere

The latest to merge from the nascent π Electronics roster is Damcase (real name Dimitris Damaskos). 2016 saw a bumper year for Damaskos, with three vinyl releases including one on Bas Mooy’s prolific Mord imprint and the legendary Bunker Records. Much of Damaskos’ brand of techno brings to mind the heydey of DIY bedroom electronics. Listen, for example, to the full-throttle pelt of his Bunker release. There is a clear slapdash approach to these productions. They feel as though they have been made on-the-spot and in-the-moment. Everything is simply pushed to the max: subtlety is auxiliary. This gives them an immense projection velocity; one that cannot be matched by over-considered productions.

This latest release on π is particularly nasty. Each basslines is a little snot-nosed bastard. Like some pissed-off pitbull, they snarl and bare their teeth. The release is also electrified by sharp static that snaps out in random bursts like a live wire. By the end, everything is caked in a blanket of noise, almost too harsh for the human ear. Totally anti-social, totally obnoxious and totally gripping. This is a release strongly recommended to annoy neighbours, parents and, well… basically everyone.

Listen below for an exclusive stream of ‘PI03.5’, the closing track of the EP, and the nastiest of the lot.

Stray Landings

London 2017