Rinse France Reclaim Your City 279

Reclaim Your City 279 | Damcase (Rotterdam)

Dimitris, hails from Greece. His name might perk an ear amongst some, with remixes on Lower Parts for Andreas Gehm, a solo EP on TH ± Tar Hallow as Super Unknown, the ‘Low fx to Aux’ track for the Mord Box 001, the Various French EP on Mélodies Souterraines / Late-Night Rec., PI03 EP on Pi Electronics – π, the solo double pack Anom Valley EP on Mord Records and the Bunker 4008 on Bunker Den Haag. Working with Pakt Booking agency, he performs live in some of the best clubs in Europe.

Soundcloud: bit.ly/Damcase_SC
Resident Advisor: bit.ly/Damcase_RA
Facebook: bit.ly/Damcase_FB
Discogs: bit.ly/Damcase_DC
Booking: bit.ly/Damcase_Booking


Tar Hallow / WoRm


— Rotterdam based techno label TH ± Tar Hallow presents —

Thanos Hana

FUTURE FLASH 200 is the theme of the 5th edition of TEC ART. 7-11 febr, during the Art Rotterdam Week, TEC ART looks into the future, 4 long days and nights. With expo’s, symposium, talks, tec-music, experiments and parties at the cutting edge of art and technology. The festival takes place at 3 locations: WORM Rotterdam, V2_ Institute for Unstable Media and public space around the Boomgaardsstraat (sidestreet Witte de Withstreet)

Event: TEC ART Future Flash 200

Athens / Temple


Σάββατο, 20 Ιανουαρίου 2018

Temple Athens
Line Up:
Damcase (Bunker Den Haag, Mord Records, Pi Electronics – π)
Templeyard Studios (Echovolt Records, Phormix)
3.14 (Modal Analysis, Pi Electronics – π)
Rigas (Negative Sciences)
Kay Month (Endorphin Festival)

Πόρτες ανοιχτές στη 01:00
Είσοδος: 9EUR

Π29 w/ Damcase, Templeyard Studios & more at Temple