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Error Session 20

Error Sessions Manchester


01: ToN-untitled/unrelesed 00:00-02:40,
02: Dutch Jam/Untitled 2:40-03:40,
03, Damcase/Untitled 03:40-05:20,
04 Unknown/recordings 5:20- 07:56,
05 Thessaloniki Jam/Untitled 07:56-,
06 The MS 20 Andromedians/Savres 10:40-14:20
07: Ton Gnomiko/Granny Records 14:20- 16:20
08: Hana/Amis 16:56-21:00
09 Unknown/recordings 21:00-31:35
10 Damcase/c066 neto 31:36- 34:40
11 Loopers/Ed 34:40-39:00
12 The MS 20 Andromedians/Mouses 39:00-44:30
13 Damcase / Za Country 44:45-52:43
14 Hana&Damcase /0447 MA15 52:43-55:55

The 20th Podcast Of My Weekly Podcast Show ErrorSessions. This Show With Guest Is Damcase Of Mord Records, Bunker Den Haag and Tar Hallow. This Is The First Mix He Has Done On English Soil Too.

Very Experimental Mix From Damcase Here, Enjoy!

Bunker/Panzerkreuz 4008



Bunker Den Haag

Damcase and Shitcluster stoke the fires of The Hague’s most trusted labels.

It’s been over 12 months since Bunker Records last released music, with the enigmatic Guy Tavares surfacing in 2014 under the Schmerzlabor name with two Juggernaut 12″s which sounded like Evol’s Proper Headshrinker beaten up by a bunch of squat ravers..

…double drop of cruddy industrial funk with Unit Moebius’s Jan Duivenvoorden resurrecting the enigmatic Shitcluster project with Charlie Watkins, while Greek act Dimitris Damaskos is given his Bunker Records debut. Damcase’s untitled four-track debut sees the producer edge himself further…

Juno Plus


Dionysian Mysteries /Nightshade 22


New Nightshade mix from Rotterdams Damcase!

In awake of Miami’s overgrown and stagnant dance electronic music scene, Dionysian mysteries is born with the mission to hold a unique monthly event that celebrates forward thinkers and artistic rebels. We aim to create a shift in the sounds we absorb today, the music and art we feature is marinated with the goal of inhibiting the user with exploration, emotion and inspiration. We want you to be part of this intersection of arts but more importantly we want you to be part of a culture that shapes the Miami music scene.

Dionysian Mysteries 


Damcase/Anom Valley/2×12′ EP





Label: Mord

Artist: Damcase
Title: Anom Valley EP
Cat No: MORD026
Format: 2 x 12″ and Digital
Release date: April 15th 2016
ART BY DWANE – Hades Rowing Club


The Greek artist’s “Low FX To Aux” was among Herdersmat’s highlights for simply being a bit weirder than the rest. It fidgeted relentlessly and scuttled about like a spider. It came from acid but kept those sounds locked away, allowing the deviant machinist experimentation to take centre stage. With Anom Valley…

Resident Advisor

Anom Valley follows Damcase’s recent outing on Bunker and positions the Greek producer as a leading light in hard techno. There is a rough, raw feel throughout this release for Bas Mooy’s label; “Delete Scene” is mired in distorted kicks and noisy, barb wire percussion and both “Rusty” and “Towards Them” resound to titanium-powered steel drums. “Interlogon” is probably the most extreme track, thanks to its grisly, punishing rhythm, but Damcase also has a funkier side. He showcases this on “Rn 45” and “X Gun”, where hypnotic electronic pulses, although encased in weeping layers of white noise…

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Kosmos Panzerkreuz live set&interview

Laissez vous attirer par l’obscurité du Køsmos et découvrez un monde insolite où l’espace temps est figé, régie par des règles qui dépassent notre imagination la plus débridée.

Mes deux Køsmonautes…


Podcast 065 Damcase




-what is your producing set up ?

Experimenting with sound is an endless journey. I started buying cheap or secondhand equipment back in the mid 90’s in Greece – some Yamaha and Korg stuff, my first drum machine later, some DIY oscillators and more. Over the years, I focused more into my recording setup, so ye Dynaudio speakers, MOTU and TC Electronics interface with ‘Logic’ came later. Then I got an MC- 909 from a Greek surf rock band around 2010, a Moog Little Phatty from a German-Greek guy who stopped making music, and I also have an AKAI Reel to Reel tape machine, a Soundcraft mixer, different kind of pedals, and a Roland 404 sampler.

-how can you describe your own style ?

Free style process. I don’t like following a certain style or genre rules. It might be rough, smooth, eccentric or monotonous, sometimes mix of analogue sequences, field recordings, drones or just tracks with saturated drum kits with no input and feedback techniques.

-you’ve released one track on the big project called mordbox , can you tell us more about your collaboration with bas mooy and the label ?

Working with Bas Mooy is a great experience for me and I am learning a lot from our collaboration. My track ‘Low fx to Aux’ is out on the same record MordBox 001/ Part 2 with a Sleeparchive, Uvb and Bas Mooy. Great compilation tracks by some really famous and some underground artists. That makes me feel excited and focus more into what am doing.

-what do you think about the netherland techno scene with rising city such as rotterdam ?

There is a whole tradition here in the Netherlands about electronic music. I guess it is good to mention the Philips Lab (1956 Philips Natural Sciences (Natuurkundig) Laboratory), one of the first classic analogue voltage-control modular synthesis studios of the world, which you can still find in The Hague (Studio BEA5: The apparatus ranges from analogue filters from the 1950s and 1960s to recently designed and built voltage-control modules).

There is something unique here, especially in the West coast scene . Den Haag and Rotterdam are close by, vibes are a bit different. We need both I can say. The neo elusian acid planet crew called Bunker/Panzerkreuz Record Label in den Haag, which started in the early 90’s, shows the right way. Bunker Records as usual brings Neo-Alpha wave light to the world, still releasing  records and throwing some of the most underground Strobo – gus chamber Ritual events 2-3 times only per year.

Live acts, poetry-rituals, and lots of acid at the Hague’s saturnian temple of ‘Dystopia’ (Bunker Records catacombs).

Mord Records and this fresh banging techno approach creates the right environment and brings more young people closer to the origins and fundamental values of Rotterdam’s machine futuristic harbour sound. WareHouse techno parties, which go around since 1996 in various locations in Rotterdam’s industrial area, started originally as Audio Assault Records. So ye, Rotterdam just keeps the tradition of the real gabber but still goes to the next level, and this level is dark, humid and rusty. Self – Power spaceship that doesn’t need our poor humanistic thought anymore.

-what is your track of the moment ?

the file I ‘ve just send to you

-some words about your next releases and projects ?

Bunker/Panzerkreuz and Mord Records.