Rinse France Reclaim Your City 279

Reclaim Your City 279 | Damcase (Rotterdam)

Dimitris, hails from Greece. His name might perk an ear amongst some, with remixes on Lower Parts for Andreas Gehm, a solo EP on TH ± Tar Hallow as Super Unknown, the ‘Low fx to Aux’ track for the Mord Box 001, the Various French EP on Mélodies Souterraines / Late-Night Rec., PI03 EP on Pi Electronics – π, the solo double pack Anom Valley EP on Mord Records and the Bunker 4008 on Bunker Den Haag. Working with Pakt Booking agency, he performs live in some of the best clubs in Europe.

Soundcloud: bit.ly/Damcase_SC
Resident Advisor: bit.ly/Damcase_RA
Facebook: bit.ly/Damcase_FB
Discogs: bit.ly/Damcase_DC
Booking: bit.ly/Damcase_Booking


Sada Abe / Cassete / Dehef 07

Damcase - Sada Abe.jpg

A full-length album by this Greek producer living in Rotterdam. Damcase turned heads with his releases on Mord and Bunker in 2016 and continues his hot streak with a cassette release on Dehef. Sada Abe showcases his different strength’s, ranging from minimalist industrial techno to mysterious soundscapes and noisy electronics. Recommended to anyone who likes their techno raw and modus operandi experimental.

Clone NL 

Error Session 20

Error Sessions Manchester


01: ToN-untitled/unrelesed 00:00-02:40,
02: Dutch Jam/Untitled 2:40-03:40,
03, Damcase/Untitled 03:40-05:20,
04 Unknown/recordings 5:20- 07:56,
05 Thessaloniki Jam/Untitled 07:56-,
06 The MS 20 Andromedians/Savres 10:40-14:20
07: Ton Gnomiko/Granny Records 14:20- 16:20
08: Hana/Amis 16:56-21:00
09 Unknown/recordings 21:00-31:35
10 Damcase/c066 neto 31:36- 34:40
11 Loopers/Ed 34:40-39:00
12 The MS 20 Andromedians/Mouses 39:00-44:30
13 Damcase / Za Country 44:45-52:43
14 Hana&Damcase /0447 MA15 52:43-55:55

The 20th Podcast Of My Weekly Podcast Show ErrorSessions. This Show With Guest Is Damcase Of Mord Records, Bunker Den Haag and Tar Hallow. This Is The First Mix He Has Done On English Soil Too.

Very Experimental Mix From Damcase Here, Enjoy!

Bunker/Panzerkreuz 4008



Bunker Den Haag

Damcase and Shitcluster stoke the fires of The Hague’s most trusted labels.

It’s been over 12 months since Bunker Records last released music, with the enigmatic Guy Tavares surfacing in 2014 under the Schmerzlabor name with two Juggernaut 12″s which sounded like Evol’s Proper Headshrinker beaten up by a bunch of squat ravers..

…double drop of cruddy industrial funk with Unit Moebius’s Jan Duivenvoorden resurrecting the enigmatic Shitcluster project with Charlie Watkins, while Greek act Dimitris Damaskos is given his Bunker Records debut. Damcase’s untitled four-track debut sees the producer edge himself further…

Juno Plus


Dionysian Mysteries /Nightshade 22


New Nightshade mix from Rotterdams Damcase!

In awake of Miami’s overgrown and stagnant dance electronic music scene, Dionysian mysteries is born with the mission to hold a unique monthly event that celebrates forward thinkers and artistic rebels. We aim to create a shift in the sounds we absorb today, the music and art we feature is marinated with the goal of inhibiting the user with exploration, emotion and inspiration. We want you to be part of this intersection of arts but more importantly we want you to be part of a culture that shapes the Miami music scene.

Dionysian Mysteries