Damcase/Anom Valley/2×12′ EP





Label: Mord

Artist: Damcase
Title: Anom Valley EP
Cat No: MORD026
Format: 2 x 12″ and Digital
Release date: April 15th 2016
ART BY DWANE – Hades Rowing Club


The Greek artist’s “Low FX To Aux” was among Herdersmat’s highlights for simply being a bit weirder than the rest. It fidgeted relentlessly and scuttled about like a spider. It came from acid but kept those sounds locked away, allowing the deviant machinist experimentation to take centre stage. With Anom Valley…

Resident Advisor

Anom Valley follows Damcase’s recent outing on Bunker and positions the Greek producer as a leading light in hard techno. There is a rough, raw feel throughout this release for Bas Mooy’s label; “Delete Scene” is mired in distorted kicks and noisy, barb wire percussion and both “Rusty” and “Towards Them” resound to titanium-powered steel drums. “Interlogon” is probably the most extreme track, thanks to its grisly, punishing rhythm, but Damcase also has a funkier side. He showcases this on “Rn 45” and “X Gun”, where hypnotic electronic pulses, although encased in weeping layers of white noise…

Juno Download



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