Phormix Athens/Values and Morality


We are more than happy to announce the launch of the Phormix label with our first tape release, coming out early December 2016.
PHXT001 is a compilation that includes 10 tracks from fellow artists who have contributed to the Phormix platform, either as guests in our events, or through the Phormix podcast series.
We would like to thank all the artists who contributed with their music to our first release.

The compilation will be limited to 80 cassettes, available to order through our email address :


Further Reductions – Traces N Tracks
Turbo Teeth -Can’t Hack It
Sawf – Imitators Sleep
1721W – Regon Through The Tape
Templeyard Studios – Don’t Take The Hint
Aglaia Is Always Wrong -Blacky_j
Umwelt – Planet Of Desolation
ANFS – Stekia
Εν Οψη/ En Opsi – Adia Ola
Sexual Ribs & R.R. Hearse – Is Not My Fault


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