O.H.I.D, Griessmuehle, Berlin


Line-up /

Our Hobby Is Different

Baz Reznik (DYFR records / Syncom Data, Bunker records / Fabric records – Den Haag)
Damcase (Mord Records / TH ± Tar Hallow – Rotterdam)
Hana  (live) (TH ± Tar Hallow -Rotterdam)
Templeyard Studios (O.H.I.D / Echovolt records)
Bastus (O.H.I.D)

Endorphin Machine

Rune Lindbæk
Luzi Gehrisch (Luzifer -Leipzig)
West Germ (Loophole / Raum)
Wahid Paradis (squatdeluxe)

Our Hobby Is Different + Endorphin Machine Afterhour
ab 10 Uhr

Helene Rickhard (Camp Cosmic – Oslo)
Bernd Anders (Camp Cosmic)
Charlee (squatdeluxe)
Thorsten Broda (Los Wawis)

RA event

FB event 



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