MordBox 001/Previews


Part 1:
A2 Radial – Cru
B1 Ansome – Tony
B2 Kwartz – Roots

Part 2:
C1 Sleeparchive – Evicted
C2 UVB – Someone calling cut
D1 Bas Mooy – Owl in Daylight
D2 Damcase – Low fx to aux

Part 3:
E1 Ritzi Lee – Sonic Sense
E2 Eomac – Phisk
F1 Endlec – Hard Education
F2 Museum – Slope

Part 4:
G1 Oscar Mulero – Liner
H1 Lag – Varijacije
H2 Miro Lopasso – Beneath

Part 5:
I1 Clouds – Healthy Rapid
I2 Rebekah – Orbital
J1 DJ Boss – Trolley
J2 Myler – Love for Hire

Part 6:
K1 Sunil Sharpe – Magpie Science
K2 3.14 – Epivitor
L1 Paul Birken – Cracking Handfed
L2 Pinion – Sifting

Part 7:
M1 The Transhumans – Zero-Point Field
M2 ROD – Betrayed by love
N1 Ontal – Deflection
N2 W.I.R.E. – Crucible

Label: Mord
Artist: V/A
Title: Herdersmat part 1-7
Cat No: MORDBOX001
Format: 12″ and Digital
Art by Ziggy Klesha APCboyz

Mord Bandcamp 



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