QA : Damcase


1. Who are you?

Dimitris, Damcase, Super Unknown, one part of Ton and Mervdust Grill.

2. What do you do?

Right now, I am checking Klankman’s testpress on Tar Hallow new Hana’s label and if it sounds ok on vinyl.

3. Where do you often create/produce?

In my room or studio.

4. When?

There is no specific time.

5. Why do you play music?

Music is playing for us.

6. When did you start making music?

Highschool jam meetings.

7. Which track defines you the most?

Granny Records – Gnomiko 

8. How would you describe your own music?

Mix of biological or psychological meaning or just structure with auditory interest.

9. Any track of the moment?

Intersystems – Free Psychedelic Poster Inside (1968)

10. What influences your work?

Ideas, super unknown world, dystopia den haag, friends and people I like.

11. What’s your academic background? Are you…

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