Clone NL preorder and Feedback

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Norman Nodge / Berghain 

“Music is great. Thanks!”favourite track: ‡

rating: 4/5

Davros / earth / chronicles of tempo

Blimey! This really harks back to the days of Bunker and Reference. Once you get into the Machine Slaver track, a massive flavour of acidic mayhem. My fave track for sure.Although, Transistor Line comes in a very close second.”favourite track: Machine Slaver

rating: 4/5

Wunderblock / Moscow, Russia

“Super Unknown is the mover!) thanx)”favourite track: TH01 (A2)

rating: 4/5

Ryuji Takeuchi(Osaka, Japan /

“powerful ep. ll play it for sure. full support.”favourite track: ‡

rating: 4/5

Scam. / Italy

“Good stuff!! Transistor Line is my fav”favourite track: Transistor Line

rating: 4/5

Erik Pijl /Perron Rotterdam
“solid track.. (my girlfriend likes this one allot actually)”favourite track: ‡
rating: 3/5

Josh Wink /

“lil tough and distorted for what I am playing.”favourite track: TH01 (A2)
rating: 3/5

Zadig /Construct Re-Form / France 
“Like it !!.Thanks”favourite track: Transistor Line
rating: 5/5

Lee Holman /
“Nice and crusty work. Will try out. Thanks!”favourite track: Transistor Line
rating: 3/5

zak k. aka DVS1 / HUSH /“

super unknown 1. Thanks!”favourite track: TH01 (A2)

rating: 3/5

Chris Stanford (EarToGround) / London /“
First tracks a bomb!”favourite track: ‡
rating: 4/5

Raíz /Los Angeles /
“the 1st track is the strongest one on the EP, will play this out, thanks.”favourite track: ‡
rating: 3/5

Mike Darkfloor / Mantis Radio / Future Music FM /

Darkfloor“Rough round the edges tech. I like.”favourite track: ‡

rating: 4/5

Samot/NX1 / bcn
“machine Slaver and transistor for me.”favourite track: Machine Slaver
rating: 4/5

Bleed 1/debug /
“considering for review”favourite track: ‡
rating: 4/5

Invite (Bush Records, Utrecht – The Netherlands )

“Some mind fucks tunes inside.”favourite track: Transistor Line

Kwartz /Pole Group /
“Cool tracks, Super Unknown for me, thanks!”favourite track: TH01 (A2)
rating: 3/5

Developer / USA /
“cool beats thsanks”favourite track: TH01 (A2)
rating: 3/5

Audio Injection/Truncate / Los Angeles
“I dig Machine Slaver… will see where I can fit this into a set. Thanks!”favourite track: Machine Slaver
rating: 3/5

Pacou / Tresor Berlin 

“A1 will work for me”favourite track: ‡

rating: 3/5

Ancient Methods / Berlin 

ll try super unknown pt. 1”

Charlton /Berlin /“

Great to see one of my best buddy’s release music already had it and played a few times 🙂 just wanted toleave a comment !!!”favourite track: ‡ rating: 4/5

Laurent N. /French Riviera / /

“First track for me. Support.”favourite track: ‡ rating: 4/5

Juho Kusti /Deep Space Helsinki 

“thanks.”favourite track: ‡

Hector Oaks /Berlin / Key Vinyl 

“Great stuff, will play thanks!”favourite track: ‡

Regal Figure 

“Cool tracks, but i don’t like this over-saturated sound.”favourite track: Transistor Line

Hector Sandoval(EXIUM-TENSAL) spain 

really good vibes here!,play any sure,thanks”favourite track: ‡

rating: 5/5

Deapmash /France / Clubwerks

machine slaver for me! thanks”favourite track: Machine Slaver

rating: 3/5

Mark August /amsterdam /

“interesting”favourite track: ‡

rating: 3/5

Moe Espinosa (Drumcell) /Los Angeles /“

‘’some nice jams in here! ”favourite track: Transistor Line

rating: 5/5

Marcel Dettmann /berghain 

“thx”favourite track: ‡

rating: 5/5

Jonas Kopp/ berlin 

“thx”favourite track: TH01 (A2)

rating: 4/5

Arnaud Le Texier / Bass Culture/ Children Of Tomorrow /Safari Electronique / Radio show“

Nice raw techno! Thx”favourite track: ‡

rating: 4/5

Anthony Diegetics /TNG / FIX

noisey and distorted :)”favourite track: Machine Slaver

rating: 4/5

R. Hawtin / Berlin /“

downloaded for r hawtin”favourite track: ‡

rating: 3/5

Matteo Pitton | Different Grooves

“glitchy and distorted techno, thanks for sending!”favourite track: ‡

rating: 3/5

Robert Lamart(Spain)

Fantastic acid tracks. Full support! Thx.”favourite track: Machine Slaver

rating: 4/5

Samot / NX1 

“Cool one! Really enjoyed.”favourite track: Machine Slaver

rating: 4/5


“top!”favourite track: ‡

rating: 5/5

Von Grall / Paris 

Transistor Line is really great ! support !”favourite track: Transistor Line

rating: 4/5


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