Rotterdam Devoid

flyer A side

Rotterdam Devoid researches the abundance of space in a city with the ambition of becoming a world metropolis. The project looks for alternatives to give emptiness in Rotterdam a different meaning. Using acoustic and visual space manipulation it puts the void as the central concept. The multichannel audio & light installation brings to expression the acoustic and visual characteristics of an other wise deserted space.

During Art Week Rotterdam at — Hofplein 20 the Hofpoort/old Shell offices building 24th Floor.
Free Entrance 6-8 February


Yiannis Tsirikoglou (Multichannel Track Composition) is a composer/ performer/ sound artist currently living in The Hague. Peter Edwards (Performance) Casper Electronics(New York), hand made electronic drone. Kang (Performance) Ji Youn Kang is a composer/ performer/ sound artist currently living in the Hague. Mono-Poly (Performance) is a modular synth artist, the founder of Noodlebar Rotterdam. Triantafyllos Stachtaris (Monokini Beat/Artwork) visual artist / designer based in Barcelona, Spain. Dimitris Damaskos (Multichannel Audio Installation) experiments with the building’s spacial quality and incorporates the history of this specific space into a sound piece. June Yu (Dust Projector) tries to let the space talk through accumulated dust over time. Jaime Levinas (Light installation) will present a light installation that transform the empty space into a different sensory experience.

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