Future Music FM guest show hosted by Electronic Propaganda(Paris)


1. Willis Anne – Jungle’s Order (The C Track)
2. Achim Bloch – The Kid In The Loop Hole With A Gamepad (PL_anet rmx)
3. Shit & Cheap – Rat Crew

Damcase Live Set

All tracks, loops, etc by Damcase

4. Mitoma – Waning Crescent (Mutter Remix)


Ike Dusk Guest Mix

Tracklist : N/A

Tonight! Special double header with Damcase and Ike Dusk!

For our 37th installment, we present to you a double header! Our guests are two artists that you must definitely follow.
Damcase’s live set will bring you into an acid world and Ike Dusk’s mix will smash your ears with a fine and effective techno selection.

Get locked here : http://futuremusic.fm/player

To follow these two bad boys, check out the links below :

Future Music Fm

Electronic Propaganda 

facebook event

Damcase :

Ike Dusk :


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