Sound installation and dj set


Saturday 17 July, Rotterdam eccentric cinema

Roffa Mon Amour is back in Rotterdam. Transformed into a romantic open-air cinema the festival will arise on top of an abandoned garage in the centre of the city and will offer space to 300 film visitors. The festival presents a new generation young talented directors with no distribution channels within the Benelux. Ten nights long we will screen your finest selection of outrageous, eccentric cinema.


Thursday July 17th
Film: Nothing Bad Can Happen (Katrin Gebbe, Germany, 2013)
♫ : Malawi

Friday July 18th
Film: R100 (Hitoshi Matsumoto, Japan, 2013)
♫ : Hollywood & Vine

Saturday July 19th
Film: Somos Mari Pepa (Samuel Kishi Leopo, Mexico, 2013)
♫ : Damcase & Jasper Kersten

Sunday July 20th
Film: Thou Wast Mild and Lovely (Josephine Decker, USA, 2014)
♫ : Gustac Goodstuff, Sjoerd Oberman, Robert Bergman

Monday July 21st
Film: Liar’s Dice (Geethu Mohandas, India, 2014)
♫ : Indian Roffa Mon Amour Songs

Tuesday July 22nd
Film: Una Noche (Lucy Mulloy, Cuba/USA, 2012)
♫ : Argentinian Jukebox
Extra: TangoSalon by @Cuartito Azul Rotterdam – Tangoschool

Wednesday July 23rd
Film: Salvation Army (Adbellah Taia, Morocco, 2013)
♫ : Diede van Overbeeke

Thursday July 24th
Film: Casa Grande (Felipe Barbosa, Brazil, 2014)
♫ : Frauduleus

Friday July 25th
Film: The Night (Zhou Hao, China, 2014)

Saturday July 26th
Film: Der Samurai (Till Kleinert, Germany, 2014)

This year’s theme is Black Sheep. The festival therefore pays a tribute to the eccentric heroes, unadjusted teenagers and simply to the weirdo’s.

Entrance to the festival area: FREE
Film-tickets (including headphone): €6,50/€5,00 (Cineville pas, Students)

Roffa Mon Amour site
Roffa Mon Amour facebook
Roffa Mon Amour event

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