Lion’s Tail-emdy&damcase


Emdy&Damcase ‎– Lions Tail e.p.

Live act at mstudio by Dimitris Damaskos(damcase) and Anastasios Kokkinidis(Emdy)
Artwork by Minas

Ms 2012

Discogs by JPvinyl

some words about Tasos Kokinidis (Emdy)

Anastasios Kokkinidis is a composer, producer and musician, active at the era of electronic and electro-acoustic music scene.
His composition pieces, with a clear-cut experimental agenda, that has managed to remain musically intense and emotional.

Studied in Brighton, graduating in Digital Music, having specialised in sound production and composition. Also studied classical music from 1986 to 1999, with the piano being his main instrument and Electronic Music back on 1996. Expanding his experience on different compositional areas in 2005, he completes an M.A. in Composing for Film and Television, in London.
Nowadays, works as a lecturer in Music Technology & Sound Engineering courses, as a freelance composer and music producer while doing masterings for various artists & labels releases. Involved in the electroacoustic medium, becomes member of E.S.S.I.M. (Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association), while records under the name “emdy”. His music works have been presented live through electronics, performances, releases and installations


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