Beatnik podcast

Athens. Beatnik, Damcase#24#


1 Philippe Carson- Turmac
2. Bunker+ 3071- Artist Anonymous
3, Felix Kubin – Excuse me, too many segments
4. Stakker – Eurotechno
5. Hadamard Manasyt – Ericosmies the Pulse Projects
6 Damcase- Archaid
7. Ton – Seein
8. Goem – Dertig cm twee
9. Klankman – Bunker 4002
10. Charlton – The Aggression Scale
11. Alpha Delta – Hieroglyphic Being Reinterpretation
12. Unit Moebius – Dolphinarium
13. Gherkin Jerks – Parameters
14. Charles Manier – Goldielocks Effect
15. AN- i – Kino I (beats)
16. Terrence Dixon – Light Years
17. Beatriz Feneyra – L orvietan
18 Philippe Carson – Turmac
19. Kevin Lazar – Insane O Trronic I

60 years ago Jack Kerouac introduced us to the phrase “Beat Generation” in order to characterize the underground, anti-conformist youth; the well known at the time, Beatniks.

Today’s Beatniks (we and you!) are here to provide you with the most intelligent, edgy, breath taking, surprising and totally underground Techno Music combined with trippy and sophisticated contemporary art with fresh ideas.

Beatnik, from early September of 2011 and for the foreseeable future will present a monthly cerebral podcast from various techno dj’s, material from artists and interesting stuff from all around the globe.

 Beatnik! Blog’s goal is to unify the urban culture of contemporary art with techno music.

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