Sotu fest/live performance on Suturday April 19 at Voldenbunger

Looking  forward . Sotu fest/live performance , Suturday April 19 at Voldenbunger

     Like last year I am going to perform live at Sotu Fest,  one of the best underground festivals in Amsterdam. 5-6 days, not only djs, bands and elecronic live performances, but workshops, lectures vinyl bazars and more about Amsterdam’s underground art. So many people are involved like red light radio, steim, Rush Hour and more.  Last year I performed the same day with Kvb (after some months they released on Minimal Wave) and some more really good and talented artists of Amsterdam’s and not only,  electronic, underground dance,  free jazz and noise scene.  Occi, OT 301 and Voldenbunger(legendary old squat and real ‘bunger’ from the second world war) are some of the spaces witch Sotu will take place. You can Check the site with the full line up  and info and hope to see u there..

Sotu fest
facebook event
line up

*many many thnx to Paul, Frank and Mark

and Best


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