Next Live show, Midlight Crew Rotterdam

Next Live show, Midlight Crew Rotterdam
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Party people! There’s a fresh Midlight twelve by the notorious FRAK in the pipeline, and the first time it will drop under the needle, is with… y’all!

As we are welcoming this new release, we are saying goodbye to our beloved member Lucas aka Arie Ghetto, who will move to Amsterdam later this year.

That calls for a FREE party with all of you. But beware!
There’s only about 150 people allowed in.. Don’t miss!

We´ll have two areas to rock all night. Check out who will pop by behind the wheels of steel:

Casper Tielrooij (Dekmantel)
Gustav Goodstuff (Midlight)
Taylan Alan (Triphouse Rotterdam)
Robert Bergman (BAKK)
Obermann (Nous’Klaer)
Mr. J (Courtesy of Balance)
Still Serious Nic (BAKK)
Dickie Rosewater (Midlight)
Khalil (Triphouse Rotterdam)
Arie Ghetto (Midlight)
Marsman (Pinkman)
Damcase (Live)

Don’t sleep!

Check out the snippets here:


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