Ton’s track ‘mou pe oti’

granny records.

The mastering procedure was done by Giuseppe Ielasi in Milan.

Ton is the project of Dimitris Damaskos (aka Damcase) and Haris Koutsokostas (Vokal Idiot). The duo creates a diverse audio environment blending analogue sound sources with field recordings and lo-fi samples with sine waves & high pitched tones. Although the two musicians come from quite different musical backgrounds, their collaboration for this release creates a dialogue of unique interest, in wich silence and intensity, sound in unison and in balance with each other. This is Ton’s debut album.

All tracks recorded between 2010 and 2011 at M studio, except “straw” & “mou pe oti” taken from a live performance at Facta Non Verba.
ToN/No Need to Go So Far/Granny Records 08


One thought on “Ton’s track ‘mou pe oti’

  1. damcase says:

    this piece recorded from ton’s live performance at facta non verba(a small theater in thessaloniki). You can check below for more tracks.

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